BitMart Labs行业观察站第五期:Nerve打破区块链价值孤岛

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BitMart Labs 行业观察站是BitMart Labs特别推出的嘉宾对话栏目,通过对话行业大V,紧跟行业发展话题,为区块链从业者提供全视角的行业观察。第五期我们特邀NerveNetwork发起人Berzeck,为你讲解如何打破区块链价值孤岛!

BZ:My name is Mario, from Bolivia, but everyone calls me Berzeck. I have 20 years of experience in software engineering and I am working for NULS since late 2018.


主持人:What kind of product is Nerve Network and what is its relationship with NULS? 

 Nerve Network是一个什么样的产品,它和NULS的关系是什么?

BZ:Nerve is a decentralized digital asset service network, which is a set of cross-chain interactive protocols based on the NULS microservices framework and developed with ChainBox. The goal is to eliminate the isolation problem that most blockchains have, also, to establish a cross-chain interoperable asset interaction network, and provide all the underlying support for Defi applications ecosystem; letting digital asset holders enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services.

Nerve 是一个去中心化的数字资产服务网络。它基于NULS微服务框架, 使用 NULS ChainBox(链工厂的底层)开发搭建的区块链跨链交互协议。旨在打破区块链价值孤岛,建立跨链互通的资产交互网络,为 Defi 应用生态提供底层支持。让数字资产持有者享受真正安全、自由、透明的 Defi 应用服务。

NerveNetwork was born in the NULS technical community,NULS community provides Nerve with technological, business expanding, and ecological support.



主持人: What specific application does Nerve Network have?  

Nerve Network有什么具体应用?

BZ:NerveNetwork six major solutions:

1. Heterogeneous cross-chain, managing cross-chain assets on the underlying chain of 15 virtual bank nodes;

2. It can be as lightning network of BTC, ETH, ERC20 within 2 seconds confirming the transactions and with almost 0 service fee.

3. NerveDEX adopts the asset matching protocol on the underlying chain to realize the transparent transaction of multi-chain assets;

4. Cross-chain mainstream assets, such as BTC, ETH, USDT, etc., can use NULS VM to implement various Defi and DApp applications;

5. Docking a chain to achieve multi-chain asset chain management, providing services for small exchanges, wallets, DApps, etc.

6. It supports Cross-chain staking, the assets of BTC, ETH, NULS can participate in staking in the NerveNetwork to get NVT as rewards.





4、跨链主流资产:例如BTC、ETH、USDT等可以采用NULS VM实现各种Defi和DApp应用;




主持人:What is the launch time of the Nerve mainnet? What is the circulation of NVT?       



BZ:  Nerve main net will be released on10th July. The release will be split in phases o guarantee bug free experience and security, the first phase won’t feature staking that will be enabled in the upcoming weeks in the next phase..



NVT’s maximum supply is 2.1 billion, with an initial circulation of 1.1 billion (1 billion will be generated by consensus nodes and virtual banks).


Let’s begin with the intial distribution,we use it for early development .It’s used for community construction in the early stage,as well as the recruitment of virtual banks. We will also airdrop 10 million NVT to NULS holders on 12nd,July.Besides,300 million NVT will be used for cornerstone investment,we are seeking for more institutions and partners.The last part with an amount of 600 million NVT is used for Foundation,200 million of them will permanently stake in virtual bank nodes.And 400 million are gradually unlocked monthly one year later after the mainnet launch in 20 months.More details can be found in the chart.




主持人:5. Nerve Network further improves the network and ecology of NULS, and it is also seen by more and more people as an investment trend. So how can users obtain the NVT?    

 Nerve Network进一步完善了NULS的网络和生态,也被越来越多的人看作投资趋势,那么用户如何才能获得Never主网资产NVT?

BZ:NeverNetwork initiated the NULS holder 10:1 airdrop and planned to take a snapshot at NULS main network height 2620000 (approximately 12 July 2020).At present,  Binanace、OKEx and other exchanges and institutions to support the air drop.

NeverNetwork已经公告对NULS持有人进行10:1空投,计划在NULS主网高度2620000(大约是2020年7月12日 )进行快照。目前已包括币安、OKEx等多家交易所及机构支持本次空投。

Next,If you hold BTC、ETH、or NULS, you can get NVT rewards by staking them on NerveNetwork.


You can buy NVT futures at any of the listing exchanges or OTC trade at WeChat’s  group.


For other real-time campaign rewards, Please Check out the – Nerve News channel and follow our twitter account .and “Nerve Network”Weibo account.

其他实时活动奖励,请关注NULS论坛(——Nerve News频道,以及我们的twitter账号@nerve_network、微博账号“Nerve网络”。


主持人:NDEX is a decentralized exchange of Nerve Network. Compared with other exchanges, what is special about NDEX?       

NDEX是Nerve Network的去中心化交易所,相对于其他交易所,NDEX有什么特别之处?


BZ:Most of Defi is coded through smart contracts, the security and efficiency of applications running on smart contracts are not as good as programs that are hard-coded directly at the bottom.


Nerve does not have a smart contract, and the asset exchange protocol is supported on the chain. This protocol is directly supported in the bottom layer of the Nerve network and is jointly maintained by professional virtual bank nodes and consensus nodes. The systemic security risk is much smaller than the Defi application developed by smart contracts.


In the NerveNetwork, the same with other blockchains, as long as users keep their private keys, then the user’s assets are always safe, and no one else can operate your account.



主持人:Nerve aims to enable digital asset holders to enjoy truly secure, free and transparent Defi application services. What is its main economic model?   



BZ:Its economic model includes the following:

Fuel fee: cross-chain settlement fee, transfering fee.

On-chain governance: voting rights of Nerve project, voting rights of on-chain governance tools;

DEX: All the fees including the trading service fees ,  creating trading pairs fees, and creating assets fees on the DEX will be burned.

Node: Mortgage deposit created by the node.

Staking: Multi-chain staking can increase investor earnings, thereby reducing the circulation rate.


l 燃料费:跨链结算的费用、转账的费用;

l 链上治理:Nerve 项目的投票权,链上治理工具投票权益;

l DEX:去中心化交易所的交易手续费回购销毁,去中心化交易所创建交易对费用销毁,去中心化交易所中创建资产费用销毁;

l 节点:节点创建的抵押押金;

l Staking:多链质押挖矿,提高投资者收益,从而让流通率降低。


主持人:Interoperability between blockchains greatly limits the application space of blockchains. Nerve cross-chain technology is regarded as the key to realizing the Internet of value, and how to break through the dilemma of public chains, outline the blueprint of value, and establish inter-chain interoperability ‘S asset interaction network?    



BZ:Through the NerveNetwork cross-chain interaction protocol, only a small amount of development effort is required through using a standard interface to transform blockchains with different structures into a set of common asset types that can be recognized by cross-chain modules in the NULS ecosystem. This facilitates and enables a direct interaction between assets inside and outside of the NULS ecosystem, it also provides rich Defi usage scenarios for mainstream digital assets such as BTC and ETH.


At a simplified level, NerveNetwork’s cross-chain interaction has two parts:

(1) NULS cross-chain ecological docking: Based on the universal NULS cross-chain protocol, all blockchain interactions in the NULS ecosystem will be realized.

(2) For independent public chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Chain, NerveNetwork defines a set of interface protocols that can facilitate the interaction with these various blockchains.




主持人:For independent public chains such as BTC, ETH, and USDT, how does Nerve easily interact with various blockchains?     对于BTC、ETH、USDT等独立的公链,Nerve是如何轻松做到各种区块链之间的交互?


BZ:Taking BTC as an example, the cross-chain interaction process is as follows:

(1) Cross-chain transfer process (deposit):


以BTC为例, 上图为跨链转入流程(充值)

(2) Cross-chain transfer process (withdrawal):



主持人:10. How does the Nerve Staking mechanism work?    

Nerve Staking机制是如何运作的?


BZ:Nerve’s main network nodes are divided into three types: ordinary nodes, consensus nodes, and virtual bank.



The ordinary nodes are responsible for functions such as transaction collecting, block and transaction verifying, and providing services for applications.Ordinary nodes will allocate consensus incentives based on the proportion of pledged assets in the pledged assets of the entire network.


The consensus nodes are responsible for the maintenance of the blockchain, and the mortgage deposit can be used to create the consensus node. The deposit cannot be less than 200,000 NVT. The number of consensus nodes on the Nerve main-net is fixed at 35, and the main-net will choose the 35 nodes with the highest deposit to become consensus nodes.


The virtual bank is responsible for the maintenance of cross-chain assets, including the creation and management of multi-signature accounts or smart contracts for parallel chains, the creation and broadcasting of asset transfer transactions, etc.The virtual bank is selected from the consensus nodes, and the default is the top 15 consensus nodes with the largest deposit The weight of the virtual bank’s reward is twice that of the consensus node.

虚拟银行:虚拟银行负责跨链资产的维护,包括创建和管理平行链的多签账户或智能合约,创建并广播资产转出交易等。虚拟银行从共识节点中选出, 默认为共识节点中保证金金额最多的15个共识节点。虚拟银行的收益权重比共识节点更高。


主持人:Nerve’s three-layer node architecture not only ensures that the entire network has very high performance, but also ensures that the entire network has good decentralization characteristics. So how can users become nodes to obtain revenue?       



BZ:If you want to become a Nerve mainnet node owner and participate in staking, you need to hold at least 200,000 NVT.


If the number of asset pledges on your node can be ranked in the top 35 of the entire network, you can become a consensus node.


If you can become the top 15, you will also become a virtual bank node, You’ll get more bang for your buck.



主持人:Blockchain will be the key technology of the fourth industrial revolution. What positive effect do you think Nerve has on the development of the entire industry?   



BZ: (1) Speaking from the speed of technology application landing: Nerve takes the leading in the industry to realize heterogeneous cross-chain technology;


(2) From an innovation perspective: Nerve took the lead in realizing multi-currency staking: everyone is a miner, revitalizing people’s idle assets such as BTC and ETH, thereby bringing stable and multiple benefits to users;


(3) In terms of performance: Nerve uses the original POCBFT consensus mechanism to greatly increase the speed of block generation, and the average is maintained at about 1-3S;


(4) The essence of restoring the blockchain is simpler and more efficient: NerveNetwork can provide decentralized on-chain asset management services for trading platforms and wallets; at the same time, it provides rapid establishment of DEX and one-click customized transaction peer-to-peer services based on Nerve.



主持人:Please share the next development of the project. Does Nerve Network have any new activities for users?       

请分享项目接下来的发展情况,Nerve Network面对用户,有哪些新活动呢?


BZ:On July 10th,Nerve’s main-net will be released;

Q3 2020:NerveDEX trading platform, light wallet, staking will be available, and external interfaces will be opened.


今年第三季度,我们将发布Nerve DEX、轻钱包。在那时,大家也可以在Nerve上委托,外部接口将会陆续开放。

After that we will continue docking more blockchains. In the near future, Nerve users will access seamless to various assets of BTC, ETH, ERC20, NULS, NRC20 and NULS parallel chains, and there are plans to support more mainstream blockchains.


The Nerve mainnet is scheduled to go live on July 10th, and after taking a snapshot of NULS holders on July 12th, the NVT will be airdropped at a 10:1 ratio.


Before the NerveNetwork mainnet was launched, many exchanges actively listed futures transactions. After the mainnet online,  we will give priority to exchanges that lists Nerve like Bitmartt. We will maintain long-term in-depth cooperation with Bitmart and all other exchanges that help Nerve ecosystem grow, launch activities that benefit users in real time, and promote the healthy, benign development of the project and the prosperity of the community ecology.


We also very much welcome Bitmart’s participation in Nerve’s virtual banking node. Meanwhile,  Nerve’s decentralized exchange is scheduled to go live soon. At that time, we will focus on NerveDex, and users can quickly and safely exchange assets on the blockchain.


非常感谢Berzeck的精彩分享!本次直播感谢所有支持的媒体和朋友,欢迎大家持续关注BitMart Labs行业观察站,我们将继续为大家带来更多的行业热点内容。